Why Provisions?

Our goal is to positively shape and impact employee workplace experiences one meal, one snack, one coffee at a time.

Our Difference

Our passion is to bring physical, mental and emotional wellbeing to your teams through our catering, snacking, barista and support services.

We are driven by making positive change for people in our communities and the environment with the support of Compass Group Australia, our parent company. We seek out ways to support and buy local, foster a truly diverse and inclusive workplace and close the gap through indigenous business sourcing and employment opportunities. 

We believe food, hospitality and facilities services can foster physical, emotional and mental wellbeing for staff when they love their workplace and are nourished by the foods they eat and interactions they share.

Our Values

Egg and Spinach Breakfast Pot

Health & Wellness

Our catering menus will always be designed to provide variety, seasonality and healthy options to fuel your people and teams. But it doesn’t stop there, we look to incorporate the latest trends in healthy and sustainable dining such as plant-forward options, and always a selection of options to suit any dietary restrictions or requirements. 

We are also proud to partner with key organisations such as Farmwall, to bring specialised services and programs to our clients to support workplace wellness.


From the strict standards of service we set for ourselves comes your workplace experience, consistently. Culture is built one experience at a time, and our dedicated service delivery teams, quality products and unique programs means you can rely on us.


Because we offer so much more than just catering, we will take the time to understand your needs and tailor our services to exceed your expectations. This is how we support your unique company culture and goals.

Safety & Quality Assurance

Creating safe environments is a key pillar of our business to protect your people and ours. This includes initiatives and programs to manage food safety and allergens, our globally recognised Safesphere cleaning program, and setting the highest standards for hospitality service delivery safety. We are certified to ISO standards in Occupational Health and Safety Management, Quality Management, and Environmental Management.

Wellbeing for Provisions also encompasses the environment we live in, and the communities where we operate as part of Compass Group Australia.

Here are some of the programs and initiatives we are most proud of!

Indigenous Procurement

Founding corporate partner with Supply Nation with a track record investing and growing sustainable ATSI supplier sourcing across both food and services supply chains.

Food Waste

A global commitment to reducing food waste and an industry-first partnership with OzHarvest in Australia. From menu engineering to machine-learning waste solutions.

Food Miles

‘Grown Here not Flown Here’. A holistic approach from source to distribution. Seeking to optimise our logistics profile and reduce total food miles.

Ethical Sourcing

Investing in the highest standards of ethical trading from strategy, through training, contracting and supplier relationship management.

Animal Welfare

A global commitment to animal welfare through the Compass ‘Five Freedoms’ standards alongside our partnerships with RSPCA and other leading farming and agriculture initiatives.


Sourcing and innovation in packaging, bio-degradable, compostable product solutions providing a broad range of sustainable options and alternatives for our Clients.

Responsible Seafood​

Working with Clients and industry experts, leveraged with our partnerships such as Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) for sustainable fishing and product sourcing.

Modern Slavery

Embracing the principles, values and standards of human rights, fairness, equality and diversity throughout our extended supply chains.